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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've been flattered by the personal feedback I've received from my story The Donut Shop, now available on Shred of Evidence.

I've received some 17 complimentary e-mails, and a couple were even from folks I don't know.

Like a person in any pursuit, good feedback is vitally important to the writer. I love the e-mails I've received. But there is another, perhaps more important, form of feedback.

And that is to the editor of the publication.

It is very important to an author that the editor of a publication — be it print or web-based — receive positive and strong feedback. Tell me you liked my story and I'm happy. Tell the editor you liked my story and I might get to publish another story.

Webzines make it easy through comments, e-mail and blogs. But even in a print publication or anthology, you should be able to find an e-mail address to send a comment to. It would mean a lot to me as an author, as it would any other author.

And it would do them and their career some good.


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