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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not much right now

It's been a very busy few days at that pesky "day job" of mine, so I've not been able to post anything.

I have been getting my writing in. In addition to working on a few new things, I've been pulling out some old, unpublished stories and seeing if they can be revised. It's interesting to me what a few months or even years away from a story can do for your perspective.

Saw a great interview on TV - I forget the station - I think Ovation - with Walter Mosely. I'm a big fan of his writing style and I found it interesting to hear him discuss how he weaves race into his novels. His Easy Rawlins stories are pretty darned good, but if you want a real gut punch, read some of his Socrates Fortlow stories. They'll stick with you when you are done.


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